Welcome to my Blog!

You’ve probably clicked on “About” because your wondering…

-Who am i?

Im Gemma, Hey!

I am an honest, Jesus loving, 26 year old mumma of two and a wife to a brilliant man named Tom.

Does that about cover everything? i think so!


^^Those are my humans!



Why am i here?

I’m here, (blogging) because i have one big passion in life and His name is Jesus. i live my life to share Him with those that He puts around me. I love to encourage people in their own walks with God and to also encourage those that dont know Him to press in and seek Him for themselves. He is ready and waiting for you to knock on the door!

What do i hope to achieve?

I just want to share my life. My walk with God, the experiences (both good and bad) that have bought me to where i am today. I aim to inspire and encourage people with the stories I tell, He is just too good to keep Him to ourselves!

I hope this page is huge blessing to you on your own life journey, i am always up for a chat so drop me a message if you find yourself with any burning questions! xx




3 thoughts on “About

  1. Such amazing work! I came across this accidentally (or perhaps even supernaturally) whilst searching for some bits to encourage some girls that I help disciple. I felt so blessed to discover this. I was just thinking about how this world needs more young inspiring Christian YouTubers/ bloggers. The internet is so full of people who will just talk about anything of no particular worth, generally makeup or gaming and with such huge following? Why do we get drawn in??! Anyways, what you are doing is fantastic. It’s not just you ranting about faith issues… but you are living it practically also, which is the way it should be. Nice work. I will get all my youth to subscribe to you. Be blessed and be encouraged!!


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