My crazy kids, God’s crazy kids. 

I was having coffee with a friend this morning and got onto the subject of how loopy my kids have been driving me this past few weeks. 

They have literally hit the wall of tolerance with each other.

They are either best buddies or worst enemies, there is no grey area! 

We have had punches thrown, hair pulled, toys launched at heads, nasty words spoken of which their personal favourites of late are; “I hate you!” and “I don’t want a brother/sister anymore.” 

I tell you, this Mumma is about at the end of herself! 
As I replayed some of the things I have said to my kids this last few weeks, it dawned on me that my Heavenly Papa could relate to me in my frustrations. 

He is after all our perfect Father. 

We are His (far from perfect) kids! 

I could suddenly hear Him speaking similar words to His kids as I have spoken  to mine;

“Guys please!”

“Just be kind to one another”

“Stop hurting each other”

“It doesn’t matter what they did to you. You don’t just turn around and hit them! You come and tell me!”  (Oh boy, did I hear Him in this one)

“Remember that we are in this family together, so stop fighting each other”

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say, just don’t say anything”

“Go to your room and think about what you have said/done and when you are ready, I’d like to go and apologise please!” 

All the Mumma’s hear me?! 

All the while there is tension, unforgiveness, bitterness and finger pointing, unity and peace cannot exist in our home. Nothing good can be achieved. 

Only when my kids are willing to lay aside their hurt and frustration, apologise and forgive, can they work together again and our home be an enjoyable place to be. 

And don’t you find too that the kids will always play much nicer after they’ve fallen out than they did before? 

Like, what is actual the deal?!

They go on to say the nicest, most encouraging things to each other. They suddenly want to share their toys, let the other one pick which movie to watch. Suddenly, “I really love you, you know!” takes over and I’m left scratching my head wondering what kinda miracle just came down from heaven! 

My favourite one yet was when they decided, “come on, let’s tidy up the mess we made in the living room for Mummy”. 

I can tell you, on that day I stood in the kitchen doing a crazy victory dance as my kids got to work to fix the mess they had made. 

This is so often the case with us as God’s children too.

We can find ourselves so caught up in our offence that we actually lose sight of the fact that we are on the same team, part of the same family. 

We go from “playing nicely” to throwing punches and toys at each other’s heads!

We think Mummy (or God) isn’t looking, that they didn’t see. (but unlike Mummy, God actually does have eyes in the back of His head).

 He sees it all.

We point fingers and want to justify our actions and words with, “but she said, but he did…”

To the people around us it serves to divert people’s attention away from what we’ve done but we must keep in mind that Papa sees our hearts, our thoughts, our motives and intentions and there is no way to cover up what we have going on inside.

(He sees all of that, and still loves us) 

So often the Church looks more like a war-zone than a family. We are called to love, support, and forgive one another and the key to unity is love (and a splash of humility). 

Yep, sometimes you’ll have to humble yourself and make up. 

Even if you done feel like it, even if you don’t think they deserve it, even if they hit you first, even if it still hurts. 
But you know what will happen if you do?

Papa will work a miracle through you and bring reconciliation. 

Holy Spirit will help you to remember that you are family, that you are good people who make mistakes and bad choices, that more will be done through His family working together than could ever be done apart. 

He will help you to see the good in that person again if you are willing to clean up your heart with Him and allow Him too.

Unlike me as a Mum, God is full of patience, He has endless time to work alongisde us and will not throw His hands in the air and say “ugh! I give up!”. 

Why not respond to anything you feel rising in your spirit and ask Jesus to come and help you clean up today? 

When we are standing right with each other, we can truly say “come on, let’s work together to clean up this mess we made”. 

You’ll feel the delight of Papa over His kids, and perhaps even cause Him to do a victory dance in the kitchen! 

Here’s some verses for you to check out; 

1 Corinthians 1:10 

Ephesians 4: 4, 11-13 

Colossians 3:13-14 

Psalm 133:1

1 Peter 3:8 

Have a truly blessed week, 

One Girl and Her Jesus. 


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