How will the lost know God loves them?

I was reading this morning, in my Bible the book of 1 John and I stumbled upon a verse which made me stop in my tracks and got me thinking…


In chapter 4:7-21, it speaks about the love of God.

It covers that we are to love one another, that love is from God, that God’s display of love was through Him sending us His Son, that there is no fear in love, that we love because He loved us first…

It’s just generally a really cracking passage and you should defiantly go have a read.


The bit that made me stop and go, “woah!” was verse 12;

“No one has ever seen God; [but] if we love one another,

God abides in us and his love is perfected in us” (ESV).

What I realised as I read this is the weight of God’s love is what we should be carrying around with us wherever we go!


The reality is this; No one has ever seen God, so if this is the case how do people see Him?

They should see Him in and through us!

They saw Him through Jesus when He was on the earth, He said “If you really know me, you will know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him” (John 14:7).
We are called Christians, or little Christ’s.

It is our job, *nope* our privilege, our inheritance! to do everything we see Jesus do and more and that includes loving people in a way that enables them to see and experience the love of their Father.


His love is made perfect through us. I just adore this.


It caused me to think back to when I became a Christian 7 years ago and how the love that was poured into me by followers of Christ (as I arrived at an Alpha course with a cocaine addiction and a whole world of baggage) impacted me in more ways then those people will ever know.

People received me with such love in their hearts that I had no doubt it was a genuine.

It was a love I had never experienced before. It was not based on my performance, it was not based on me being a great person (I can assure you of that), it was not based on what I had to offer them.

It was a pure and accepting love that only once I had become a Christian, did I realise was an overflowing of the love that they had received from God.

People bought me food shopping, they gave me financial gifts to help me practically, they bought me Christian books and worship CDs, they were so generous with their encouragement and support, they would message me often to let me know they had been praying for me, they would send me scriptures to keep me focused, they would take me out for dinner or invite me into their home for a meal. The list is endless and although it may seem like small and trivial things, it spoke to my heart of the richness and abundance of my Fathers heart towards me.

You can read my whole story here:
So, this one simple verse has really caused me to rethink what my small acts of love can achieve in people’s lives, they could in fact lead them straight to the heart of the Father so He can take over and completely undo them with His love.


How is the Father going to continue to call people home to Him? Through us.

How will people know about the love He has for them? Through us.


Of course, the Fathers ultimate display of His love for the lost is in that He sent His one and only Son, Jesus. Who came to pay the price for the sin that had separated us from a relationship with God.

There never has, and never will be a greater outpouring of love as this.

But this good news, this gospel of love, will not share itself.

That’s our job!

That’s the baton He passed to us before He returned to be with His Father in Heaven.


He loved us first, we loved Him back and now it is our greatest privilege to go out into the world and pour out that love which has been perfected through us, the love of the Father who dwells in us.

It’s exciting and has the power to shift every area of darkness we may come into contact with as we go about our lives.


I’m up for the challenge, are you?


I hope you have a great weekend,

Thanks for reading!

One girl and her Jesus xx


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