A few more Bible Study Tips…


I have spent the most incredible morning in the book of Galatians.
*It’s amazing what you can achieve during your sons two hour nap*

I’ve been looking at the passage,
“Keeping in Step with the Spirit” (5:16-26).

Oh boy is it a gooden!

So, my style of Bible studying is to;

-Pray before you even get started, ask Holy Spirit to come and teach you as you read.
-Read each verse a few times.
-Write out each verse and rest in it for a while and see what Holy Spirit wants to show you.
-Write out your own interperratation of it down and then use online tools or a study Bible to see what you can learn about its context or application,
-Word studies are one of my favourite things to do, by looking up about word in its original meaning, it can unlock about whole verse and can radically change how you see and read it.
-Write down lists and word meanings as quick and easy reference points in the future.
-Write big bold words for quotes, phrases or scriptures you’d like to get stuck in your head.
-Feel free to waffle on. After all, it’s your notebook and if you go on and on as you try to process something then it will only show you your journey of learning in years to come.
-Write down cross references or anything that you think, “hold on, this contradicts this other scripture”. They can be great bases for your next Bible study as we know that God never contradicts Himself, look for the differences in context? who were they addressing? what was the subject? You will find it pushes and challenges you as you do this.


I have had a great morning and feel really refreshed and encouraged.

Now I’m going to stick the kettle on and spend some time processing what I’ve learned with my Daddy God and ask that He transforms my new head knowledge into heart knowledge and helps me to put what I’ve learnt into practice.

After all, heart revelation and mind transformation is only solidified when it is proven by the Spirit

Have a blessed day everyone!
One Girl and her Jesus Xx


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