Represent Jesus with your Generosity

Many of you will know that I just love to bless people! 

There’s not many things I enjoy more then giving someone a gift and watching them receive it with all the love it was sent with.
Jesus called us to love those around us, and what I’ve come to realise is that love has to look like something.

Just walking down the high street thinking, “I really love these people” isn’t going to change a great deal, but when we begin to put that love into practice, we begin to see change. In the people we get to love on and in our own hearts as well. 

Believe it or not, it can actually take very little effort to make someone’s day.

There really is no excuse for us to not love the people that Jesus puts in our path every day, after all it was one of the two most important commandments “Love God, and love people“.
It delights the Father’s heart when we lay down our time, finances and energy for those around us.

Not only does it bless the receiver but it grows us.

In giving, we become more like Jesus, we become less selfish, more generous and you can actually use these moments to tell people about your faith too.

On numerous times I have had people ask me, “why are you doing this for me?” And my reply is always the same, “because I believe in a God who is generous and I believe that He has called me to be generous too. My one aim in life is to represent Jesus well and to break people’s misconceptions about all Christians being selfish, cruel, judgmental… I’m just here to show you the love of the Father, who sees you and adores you”.

At this point there is a mixed response, some people welcome my words, others are in a desperate rush to get away! but their disbelief in God does not change the fact that He died for them, it does not make me want to take back my gift or generous act because my love for people is on a no-strings-attached basis.


On the subject of representing Jesus; did you know that you are called to represent Him wherever you go? To represent someone basically means to “re” “present”.

To someone, you may be the only glimpse of Jesus they will ever see. Are you hosting that well?

We are called Christians, or “little Christ’s”.

It is our job on earth to be the representation of Jesus to the world around us, which is why it’s so important that we are always growing, always changing, always learning, becoming more humble, less prideful, our number one place to be should be in the presence of our Father.


If you are wanting to become more like Jesus, one of the best places to start is to get generous.

It makes your heart more like His, it softens you and I always feel more connected with my Daddy God when I am doing my bit to serve Him as His daughter, it is my greatest privilege.

If you are wanting some inspiration to “get your love on” then perhaps have a little read through this list of generous acts below.

There is plenty of inspiration there and once you get into the flow of it, you’ll be blessing people and changing atmospheres around you without even realising it! 
So, here goes: 

-Pay for the shopping of the person in front of you.

-Take an elderly person a hot meal.

-Invite someone around to your home to eat a meal with your family.

-Buy a homeless person a hot drink and a sandwich.

-Ask someone with a lot of shopping if you could help them to carry some.

-Bake and deliver a treat for someone.

-Be generous with your compliments.

-Give way to people and smile when you are out in your car.

-Sign up to the organ donors register.

-And give blood.

-Deliver some fresh flowers to a nursing home.

-Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the queue.

-Call a grandparent and remind them they are loved.

-Create a gift hamper for someone you know needs cheering up.

-Give an unexpected gift.

-Hold the door open for someone.

-Leave a generous tip.

-Leave some change in a vending machine.

-Leave your neighbour a treat.

-Offer yourself for some babysitting.

-Pay for someones parking meter.

-Write someone a letter.

-Take someone to the cinema.

-Tell someone who serves you in a shop that you are really grateful for the work they do.

-Offer your seat to someone else on public transport.

-Encourage a parent struggling with their child.

-Pay for a family’s meal at the restaurant.

-Give your postman a box of cookies.

-Start sponsoring a child abroad.

-Turn up at a friends house with young children and help them do some housework (or offer to watch the kids for them so they can catch up).

-Get the chop and donate your hair to princess trust.

-Ask someone how they are, and actually listen to the answer!

-Send a friend an iTunes voucher.

-Write a thank you letter to people who have done something for you this year.

-Donate your old books to the library.

-And your clothes to a clothes bank.

-Smile at everyone you make eye contact with throughout the day.

-Leave a love note in your child’s packed lunch.

-Send your partner a text with 10 things you love about them.



I’m sure that as you read through that list, you could have highlighted at least 5 things that you could do.

Why not set yourself a challenge and write yourself a list of “acts of kindness I plan to do this week”.

I promise that you will not walk away from showing kindness to someone without being changed. 

My absolute favourite one on that list is buying people’s food shopping, that one leaves people speechless every time! We have had hugs and tears at checkouts and my heart overflows as I show people the abundant generosity of the Father.


I hope this has inspired you and I would LOVE to hear any stories you have of times when you generously showed love to someone?

Thanks for reading,

Have a great day!

One Girl and her Jesus xx


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