Adding tabs to my Journalling Bible



So it’s felt like weeks and weeks since I’ve picked up any kind of craft project and that is very unlike me!

I have been so plugged into the Word that I haven’t given much time to anything else, but I felt the Spirit stir me to take a moment to get a little creative and have a rest.
(although to be fair I’m still “in the word“) 😂

I adore my Bible, (the content is life transforming) but for this post I am referring to the actual book, the paper.
It is so used and personal, it feels like it belongs just to me, it’s mine and God’s special book, just for us!
*cuddles said bible*

I plan to do a post soon on, how I use my Bible to get creative but today,
I am all about the page tabs!

Oh my, these beauties are just…well, beautiful?!


So, how did I go about achieving such a thing?

Well, let me tell you!

I found an amazing little shop on Etsy, she does some fab PDF files so you pay and then instantly recieve your item to print straight away! Such fun!

Here’s the link:

It’s as simple as downloading the file and clicking print!

I chose to print mine onto some thin coloured card but you can do it on plain white? rainbow? you know just jazz it up, however you fancy!


Downloaded and ready to print.


(I forgot to take a pic before I started cutting, but here’s the idea).

You get some blank tabs in the set and also a kit to make your own Bible study book too so there’s freedom to tab almost anything.

So, once your all printed.
You’ll spend the next 4 years of your life cutting the tabs out…


It’s time consuming but it’s worth it!


Feel free to drink coffee and take a rest at any time…(this is an important step!)

So, once you’re all cut out, you’re ready to go.

You’ll need to fold the tabs in half and corner the edges and it’s just a case of deciding how you want to lay your tabs out and get sticking!

I used some little clips to keep them in place while they dried.



And just repeat.

You may feel like it’s taking you forever but be patient, you are going from the beginning of time to to the end after all! *ba-dum* *jazz hands*.

*awkward silence*

*move swiftly on*




You are successfully at the end of your crafty tab journey and you have a beautifully tabbed Journaling Bible!

(No more awkward “flicking to the contents page” for you my friend.)




Hopefully one person out there will have enjoyed this post and share’s my love for Bible’s, crafting, tabbing and general, playing with gluey-ness!

Have a blessed day, Abba is in a good mood today (and every day) and adores us! 😊

One Girl and her Jesus Xx


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